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So, my hair hath reached a coupla inches from my waist. Time to donate? Wait a bit? Never donate? What say yous?
Should be back online in a couple few days (instead of just using this silly sad phone). Leave me something fun or interesting to read upon my return.
Dear innermets: I'm alive, dead on my feet. Busy @ work, scrambling @ home for moving day. 12 hrs sleep in 3 days. I may return one day...


Stuff is slowly trickling out of the townhome apartment and into the new house. I officially changed my address today, which felt.... so very final.

I'm coming across some crazy things while going through papers and random belongings I haven't looked through in years, including a Black Friday ad for my work for 2006. We advertised a ONE GIG thumb drive for $19.99 - AFTER $30 instant rebate! Quite amusing to see how much technology has changed in fourish years. There was also a laptop with a whole gig of RAM and 100 TB hard drive, by Averatec, super huge Black Friday blowout sale of $599! Suggested addons to the purchase were a cardbus to make it wireless as well as a router.

Allergies still hate me. Nostrils are rebelling and my throat feels like I gargled sandpaper shards. Have been sleeping like poop. Must rectify.
A week point five after going virtually gluten free. The ... issues.. I was having have COMPLETELY cleared up and I feel better than I have in FOREVER. I had a salad last night with some Asian dressing that contained wheat and instantly blew up like a bloated balloon.

An excellent side effect of this is that I lost 10 lbs.

Working on packing, which causes me to hate myself for not starting earlier. I also greatly hate my allergies - being allergic to dust and moving stuff that hasn't been touched in years isn't very helpful. I had to take Benedryl earlier to keep the lungs from itching and the nose from running. I now wish greatly that I could just do a faceplant on my pillow; however, I had decided earlier that today would be the PERFECT day to do a crap ton of laundry, including all my bedding. My GIR comforter is still in the dryer and will probably need another partial go through since it's thick and fluffy.

I shall head upstairs and start going through some more stuff. I look forward to some of the stuff being moved over. Until then, it just feels as if we're shuffling stuff from one corner to another. Welp, I guess that's EXACTLY what we're doing, since none of it has left.

Benedryl hurts the brain, yo.
We have officially received the keys to the new house! Painting and moving and cleaning will absorb the next 2 weeks.

The Old Spice Guy in Portland?!?

I'm finding that chemistry is beyond fascinating. Today in lab, I got to melt copper in acid, pour water in it to make a beautiful aqua liquid, add another acid to make it smurf blue, boil it until a solid separated from it, add zinc to cause a fantastic release of hydrogen, and ended up with clear liquid and - ta da - copper chunks. Chemical reactions are fun, yo. Learning all about nuclear radiation is fascinating, too. I'm beginning to consider taking the next level up of chemistry, just for shits and giggles.

Received my copy of Office Professional 2010 in the mail today - all mine for just $15 since I'm an employee of OfficeMax.

In other work news, starting on Saturday, we start selling Sprint phones and plans. We only had to rearrange half the store to accommodate the things (thank you again, Kirk and Cassie, for your help) so I'm assuming it's worth it.

In watching a preview for Salt, I'm immediately skeptical on the reality of it after watching her dye her hair black - you NEVER get that smooth of a coverage with one box!!!

Still need to watch the last two episodes of Season Five of Doctor Who. Mebbe I'll do that this weekend. It's kinda nice knowing that there's still two more episodes out there I haven't seen, and sad that there won't be any new ones until December.


Sleeping like a brick lately and having SUCH vivid dreams. Dreams of attending fantastic parties and moving giant plaster blue suns from one room to another and knocking things over, of magical color changing hair.

I'm beginning to really miss driving.
I miss you greatly, internet friends. I hope to return soon! Busy with work & school and hope you are well.
So I thought I had a headcold - tons of sneezing, sinus pressure, nose-blowing. Today, I'm beyond dizzy and have a fever and severe chills. WTF? Even more importantly, I need my brain for tonight's chem final!

I'mma take a nap and hope it gets better....
Today is gonna SUUUUUUUUUUUCK.

First, there's a 7 a.m. meeting at our sister store, after which I get to work open to close as part of a skeleton crew. Please also note that today is the first day of a two day super hard core furniture extravaganza. Please also note that it will be a copy center person (male), a cashier that cannot handle the stress of running a register during even slightly busy times (female, 4.10" and can't lift a shredder), a supervisor (female), and me (also female). This means that I'll be the only one on the floor the entire day (other than a teensy bit from like 2 pm to 5 pm when Cassie shows up). There's no one to cover lunches. There's no one to pull down the giant EZ build chairs that even I can't get my Amazon arms around. I can probably manhandle the heaviest of the desks to get them from point A to point B, but to get it up and into a car? Fuggeddaboudit.

Words cannot even begin to express how beyond irritated I am with this situation.

I hate working Sundays anyway, but this seems to take the cake. Thanks to my new, uh.. position, this is the first Sunday I've had to work since I went back, but it's a doozy. I plan to have words with the store manager when I see him this morning, if I can get him cornered enough so that I respectfully do not flip out on him in front of others.

You can betcher bottom dollar that I will be doing everything I can to highly urge customers to take advantage of the free shipping over $50.

I shall keep myself only slightly happier by watching this gif of a cat with mittens.



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