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the blood that seeps through my veins is what keeps me running...

so, i gave blood yesterday, and got a collector's Coyote's bobblehead and two Coyote's tickets in return.

well, i gave a few DROPS of my blood. from my finger. my iron was too low to give anymore, alas. but at least i made the EFFORT!!!! HAVE YOOOOOU?!?!??? *stares* they said that drinking as much caffeine as i do seeps the iron out of my blood. who knew? *shrug* yet another reason to cut down on my coffee drinking.

i also cut 6" off my hair. yes, folks, i lobbed off half a foot of my hair. i sat in the chair and said "magic, magic, do as you will...." repeatedly, until voila, here i am with hair about 2" below shoulder-length with a bizillion layers in it - again. i may end up going and chopping most of the layers off, which will bring my hair to shoulder-length. but i'm not that brave quite yet. we'll see if i suddenly learn how to do my hair, or if i still prefer to wear it back 24/7 like i did the last time i got layers in my hair.


so, how was everyone's weekend?

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