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sorry i haven't been around much. here's a synopsysisisss for what's going on:

- peak season hit the ice gallery. therefore, every waking moment that i'm at work (vs. what? when i'm sleeping under the desk or in the dumpster outside?) is spent answering the same inane questions over and over and over at the speed of light.

- i have my full physical the 14th, and haven't gotten my period yet, when i was almost done at this point last month. and no, pregnancy is NOT possible, unless i'm sleepwalking again. i'm just frustrated that i may have to reschedule AGAIN, when it takes at least 30 days to get in there. an idea? my physical was originally due in SEPTEMBER, but things keep coming up. pfeh.

- i'm still looking for tickets to boston, which is my biggest conquest today.

- i took a painkiller last night, due to a false start of my period. my last monthly visit from Pam was extremely painful the ENTIRE time, instead of the usual one day of cramps. i don't want to deal with that again. thusly, i am braindead and drooling. i was too tired to make coffee before i left, which means i'm relying on this motor oil they have here in order to kick start me heart.

- i went shopping at Trader Joe's last night, dragging the girl i carpool with daily with me. she got to watch in horror as i picked out such things as yeast-less bread, fortified soy milk, roasted edamame (sp?), and tofu. i miss horrifying people with my choice of nourishment.

- i have to go to the bathroom now. see you all later. mwa.

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