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and the legs were danglin down-o, down-o, down-o...

first and foremost... *glares at ceiling* with all that freaking heavy bass music and pounding on the wall and carryings ons from my new neighbor upstairs, it makes me wonder if:

1) he's got one hell of a sex kitten up there

2) he is entertaining his rapper friends by smashing melons

3) he is building a fortress, clad only in boxers as he jumps around in glee at the thrill of having a new apartment.

*glares at ceiling again*

oh oh oh, wait! there goes the bowling for bucks again! *shakes fist at sky*

seeeeecondly, i actually logged on to aim, yahoo, and msn messengerseseses tonight, to see who all i would run into. i've been hit by a bunch of winners tonight, including this guy:

whateverthehellhisnamewas: hi. i'm 22/m/ohio
aubkabob: cool! nice to meet you!
whateverthehellhisnamewas: you? (keep in mind, each LETTER is a different color)
aubkabob: 53/?/arizona
whateverthehellhisnamewas: (yellow)c(red)o(blue)o(pink)l.

and this guy:

nightrider_68: i saw your profile on yahoo, you look hawt! i love girls with pale faces!
nightrider_68: so, what's your poison?
aubkabob: none, thanks, i'm allergic

and the weiner so far?:

hdcowboyaz: hiehg tweight
aubkabob: 4'11", 623 lbs.
hdcowboyaz: ok

nightriderwhatevernumberhewas's profile actually said "i like pms from women online and in person. talk to me!"

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