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ratty dave...

i'm in a SHITTY mood. *flames burst from eyes*

why am i in a bad mood, you ask?

- i have my dr's appointment today. i have to fast for the blood work, so i get up and fight with a caffeine headache as i'm getting ready

- i forgot filter inspection was today, so i'm taking my shower and stressing that building maintenance will be walking in while i'm in the buff

- i drive to the dr's office for my appointment at 945. my brakes are almost completely non-existent now, my tags are expired, and i have no insurance, so i cringe every time i drive by a cop.

- en route, it clicks that my appointment was at 930 instead, and that i am no late.

- en route, i also realize i have no cash, and my tank is on empty. i swing by bank of america to get cash, making me even later for my appointment.

- when i get to the atm, it tells me i have insufficient funds. i pull a balance, and i am withdrawn by TWO HUNDRED FREAKING DOLLARS. what the HELL?!? i had LOTS of dough in there yesterday!!!

- i, thusly, have NO money for my copay, meaning no dr's appointment, i have to wait a flipping MONTH for my next appointment because not only do you need to schedule it for approximately one week after your period ends, but it also takes that long to get in there for a full physical.

- so, i drive home, no brakes, tears streaming down my face. i get home, all i want is a cup of coffee and some toast. i make coffee and realize i have NO sweetener in the entire apartment. i cry again. all i wanted was a fucking cup of coffee.

- i realize that the more i drive on my non-brakes, the more damage caused to my car, thusly, i need to WALK to work. there's a nice hour walk. sure, i don't mind the exercise, but if i was PREPARED for it. even if i leave right now, i'm going to be late. very late.

- i check my bank statement online to discover it was a medical bill that i gave them my bank visa card for back in MID DECEMBER. the fucks. i needed it to go through in december so i could get paid on it for my cafeteria plan for last year, but since it DIDN'T... i can only hope that someone at that office is willing to vouch i called to pay it in dec, cuz if NOT, it's $250 i freaking threw out the window.

so, pardon me while i drink my horrid coffee and sit and fume about the world and my shitty tuesday.

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