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sleeping at last, the trouble and tumult over...


never heard of it.


i sat on the couch, practically drooling in slumber as i watched the "little big cats" special on Animal Planet, trying to get the motivation to just move 10 feet to the bed (reminder: i live in a studio apartment. my living room is also my bedroom, den, workout center, music studio, dining room, mowing space, organizational area, entertainment center, lounge, dance studio, karaoke breu ha ha) at 6 o'clock... i finally crawled into bed at almost 8, still drooling and mumbling from fatigue.

i lay in bed for 3 1/2 hours reading, cuz i couldn't fall a freaking sleep.


*perks up*

but hey, i got a good deal read on my book.

but, on a different note, do you ever get to the point where it seems like every single other human being ("that's HOOman being, okay, deeonald.") seems to annoy the living fuck out of you?!?!?
Tags: insomnia

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