Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
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oh, my achin noggin

i'm home sick to day. sure, i'm always a bit homesick, in that i miss my family and all, but i'm home today, and i'm sick. not just sick, but suh-ick. the sinus pressure is so bad, i can hardly see, i'm massively dizzy, and my throat feels like i swallowed a broken light bulb.

course, when i called in sick, the first time i've been sick in MONTHS, they gave me the guilt trip. and since i will prolly lose a couple of LARGE bookings if i DON'T go in, i'll prolly go work the slower shift, i.e. 5 - 8. i'll nurse my throat until then so i may be able to talk by then...


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