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the joys of a sidestepping foo.

or something like that.

i'm still sick, still can't think, wah wah wah. i have to work all day tomorrow, as i've already whined about, so i'm spending today kicking back and catching up on email and junk... prolly spend the majority of the afternoon in bed and reading :) i figured that since i have aaaalll these books, that i might as well put them to use! nikkiegirl is already kicking my mighty arse regarding reading the Wheel of Time series, and i just got book 10 in the mail. guess since i'm barely halfway through book FOUR, i should get my butt in gear? ;) *sips coffee*

hopefully, tomorrow, i'll be feeling better and back to my abnormal self ;) band practice after work, and hopefully, my voice (and left ear) will be close to completely back up to par by then.

as always, love you guys. i'll stop babbling now.

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