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one more thing before i go to bed....

lol - in my email box, i now find a promo email from the band i went to see tonight:

Dear my beloved Drunk Prom Date fan,

It has been a long time since we’ve been together. I hope your Auntie Helen is happy with her new cat and has put the Vodka experiement on hold. We miss you and we really want to see you again. We have been practicing real hard to be the rock and roll studs you told us you crave. We not disappoint and rock you like a hurricance or a least a dust devil. Will you meet us this weekend Friday, February 14 &/or Saturday, February 15 around 9pm at Last Call Bar & Grill in Tempe at 1120 East Apache, ¼ mile east of Rural Road in Tempe?

We promise not to get real drunk and argue with your brother about how gay Pokemon is, and please inform your Uncle Sidney that aloe will help aleviate the rash. Writing this letter almost makes us cry. Not so much because we miss you, but more that we have to use a library internet connection and the guy next to us really stinks. By the way, we’ve added some new songs to our set list just for you that we know will make you giddy. So forget the dull dozen roses and bland boxes of chocolates, leave that to a pedestrian cover band, you’re gonna get a free vibrator from Fascinations Superstores just for showing up, and the chance to win even more prizes from Fascinations. And who knows, in the past we’ve been known to play our last set shirtless. I know how you like to watch that while eating peanut butter and celery. Just trust us that we will get your ass a shakin’ and your feet a tappin’ and your liver a swimmin’. We really do love you. Now, what do you say; Will you be there?

Your adoring little band from Tempe,

Drunk Prom Date

i, by the way, got edible gummy undies for singing with them. and then they played Faster Pussycat for me. :D

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