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happiness, sadness, and weirdness...

first, happiness: today, i got a wild hair up me bum, and decided to pack up my guitar and... drive... so i did. drove up to a small town up north and drove 'round in Prescott National Forest, and TOTALLY muddified my brand new cleaned jeep!! got to use my 4x4, which was great! :D i perched on a rock on an overlook and wrote a song, i can't wait to finish it and share it with the band!! :D

sadness: i was sposed to go to my friend peyton's band's show, it's the first time they've played somewhere since august, and i feel obligated to go. but, i'm sick of driving, and it's an hour drive there, an hour drive back, and i'm TIRED, and i have to work tomorrow, and i came home and took a looong nap.. by the time i got ready and got there, it would be almost time to turn around and come back! sorry, peyton!! i'll make it up to you!

weirdness: i got INCREDIBLY sick of having black hair, seeing as the flipping box was marked TEMPORARY, WASHES OUT IN 20 WASHES OR LESS and was HOPING that it lifted some so that i could dye the holy world out of it, so i got red hair dye and put it in the black part for a half hour, then the remainder of my hair for an additional half hour. i now have lovely black hair with inch and a half REDDISH PURPLE roots. lovely. kinda wicked cool looking, IN A WAY. but, lessee.. if i keep my hair shoulder length, it will take *measures* only a YEAR to grow this junk out! *cries* maybe i'll just keep growing it and dying the roots weird colors until i can chop it ALL off and donate to charity...

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