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This is me without fear...

i got another wonderful Zim ep downloaded today, Dark Harvest:

"so, you see, 'Ring Around the Rosie' refers to the horrible symptoms of a terrifying disease.." (with Bubonic Plague written on the board behind her..)

"There's a pigeon on your head. You've got Head Pigeons. Go to the nurse's office before they spread to the other children!"
"yes, Miss Bitters!"

"Do not show fear. This is me without fear... and a 64 lb. hall pass."

"i suppose you have a heart in there."
"six of them."
"do you have intestines?"
"long or short?"
"a spleen?"
"in three different colors."

and the best one of all:

*playing ball, a kid gets whacked in the tummy*
"oooh, my organs!!!"
"ha ha ha! your inferior human organs!"
*gets hit with ball*
"oooh, my squeedilly spooch!"

immediately followed by:

dib: "squeedilly spooch? did you hear that, gaz? that's no human organ! humans don't have squeedilly spooches."
gaz: "i have a squeedilly spooch."

and one cannot forget the horror of Zim choking and spitting out an intestine and seeing the... liquid.. leak out of it, and then him suck it back up like a string of spaghetti. *gack*

but i must learn how to insert the phrase "squeedilly spooch" into my daily verbal exchange.

meanwhile, i am eating Life. Figured if i can't get one on my own, i'll go and buy a box of the stuff... so that it can turn into a disgusting mooshy goo about 3 seconds after pouring milk on it. *looks forlornly at bowl*

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