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weird dreams..


i'm trying to remember my first dream. it was myself, hugh jackman, some other girl (i think it was halle berry in her storm outfit?), the guy that gets killed in the end/beginning of Momento (seifer from matrix?) was her boyfriend, and then there was another, mousy guy that jumped at everything. ed norton, maybe? we were walking up a street, i was in front, i know that i had been kidnapped by these guys. they said something about aubrey keating.

i turn on them in anger, walking backwards up the street and start screeching "aubrey keating? aubrey keating?!?! you guys KILLED aubrey keating. aubrey keating no longer exists!!! now i'm forced to carry on this new life, under a new name, playing a stupid roll that you created for me!" they said that they had did it for my own good, that i would have been hurt, otherwise. everyone was cackling about it, except hugh, who looked on with concern.

we enter into this house. i want to lie down and go to sleep, but am paranoid. mousy guy is keeping a lookout. hugh steps out for a moment. i step back in from another room and see a bunch of people that are dressed as horrid copies of us, with gigantic sledge hammers. they smash my cohorts' heads like melons, right in front of me.

later, i dreamed i told joe about it. he said "mmmm. hugh jackman. why can't III have dreams with hugh jackman?!?" he and i were walking down another road, when we came to this break. murky water lie between this side and the other side, too far to jump. i see people coming up behind us and jumping in. joe shrugs and asked if i had ever jumped off a corner, doing a 'corner twist'. i say 'no', he displays it for me (looking to me for all the world that he just fell off the stairs). i think i might jump in, everyone says it's refreshing. i ask joe how the water is, he says 'it's coooooold!' i change my mind, and back up, taking a running leap over the chasm.....

i'm in my jeep, with kevin griffon from better than ezra. i'm excited about him actually coming with me, and whomever else was with me (i think it was meredith?) we stopped at a warehouse, i picked up my guitar, he picks up his, and we start walking. he asks what i have in there (my case), i reply "it's my fender." he winces, and starts belittling my guitar like a snob that feels that fenders are beneath them, they're good for starting, but...

there was a lot of other symbolistic stuff in my dreams, but that's the jist of it. i remember a blue painted guitar, hanging backwards on a hook in a shed. there was no color anywhere, but the blue, and the weather had ruined it. i thought maybe it had been a beautiful guitar once. i remember hearing a scratchy sound (like i do in my apartment in real life) coming from the ceiling. i dreamed that i watched it closely, as i held out my hand and caught the dust falling from it. finally, a worm pokes through, and falls on the floor, writhing around. i ask someone about it, and they tell me that it's a tapeworm, that they burrow in people's ceilings to drop in at night and crawl into your mouths and into your stomach. i remember picking it up with my dust pan and throwing it into the street to get hit.

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