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so. good good GOOD party last night, still reeling from it, and prolly will be for a bit *sigh* best time of my life.

thought the night was going to go sour, because i had been dyyyying for the work day to get over so i could drive out there...

.... and the car died. Tristan is lying in the parking lot of the I.C.E. Gallery (woops, forgot, they renamed it to International Cruise and Excursions, Inc. Don't ask me why.)'s parking lot, until at LEAST monday, when i have to track down some place that has a fuel pump for him, which is HOPEFULLY what's wrong. it will start and turn over, but won't STAY on. the second i take my foot off the gas, he dies. *sobbing* my friend Chris is helping me with this. meanwhile, my beloved meredith is going out of town tomorrow morning for a week, and is allowing me to take her to the airport so that i can have her car :D. OH HAPPY DAY!

so, chris and mere came out (all the way from east Tempe, a half hour-45 min. drive, depending on traffic, EACH WAY), we drove back, got ready for the house party, and then drove out really quick to see one of Chris's fave dj's, Christopher Lawrence, down at a club. we all went back to their place, had a blast.

i STILL haven't been to sleep. but what a fun time was had. maybe i'll tell you about it, someday.

maybe :) if you're good little wockeys.

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