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- jeep still brokeneded down, and sitting collecting dust (literally, i live in phoenix, you know). Friend Chris will be coming out to take a look at it and see if it IS something quick and simple, like other people hath said. i miss my jeep.

- funny how i can watch theeee goriest movie on the face of this green earth and not have any twitches in my sleep, but that watching the news gives me nightmares.

- Eddie Izzard is on t.v. tonight, on Letterman. Must watch. Must tape. Must enjoy.

- funny how you don't pay attention to a band that you use to live and love and breathe for (okay, not THAT much, but youknowwhuttahmsayin?), and you hear them one day, and it brings back tons of memories and feelings and emotions and wonder of it all. You realize that the feelings you are getting makes it feel like you broke up with them. Such it is with Sloan. I never even got around to replacing my Navy Blues and Between the Bridges and Pretty Together after they were stolen OVER A YEAR AGO out of my jeep. at one time, i would have hurt small furry animals if i were without their cds for any length of time. *le sigh*

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