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DO NOT SEND ANY EMAIL TO MY WORK ADDRESS: akeating@icegallery.com!!!

I've discovered that my email, and only MY email, gets read... every single inbound email, but no outbound, by my manager, Dana.

That's it. 401k withdrawal or no, i think i'm looking for a new job. i'm freaking sick of being babysat, etc. it wouldn't be so bad, if it was happening to EVERYONE, but it's just me. i'm the only one that gets monitored on email, on what websites i go to, what phone calls i make, and the only one that gets babysat so that i have to jump through hoops before i can even start my day.

i'm sick of it.

anyone hiring?!? i know that no matter where else i go, it's going to be a CONSIDERABLE paycut, but you know something? i don't give a flop anymore.

i'm cranky. "all i'm saying is that one of us may need a little nap."

and i'm not even half way through the day yet.

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