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an open mic with the Vacant Stairs


we did our first ever performance in really real public tonight.


it was... quite like a trainwreck.

*i was nervous and kept screwing up on chords.
*my voice kept cracking.
*i forgot the words once.
*the bass wouldn't work, so we had no bass for the first song, and TONS of dead air between songs while the guy tried helping Laura fix it, so I had to keep the crowd occupied.
*The place we did it, Mill's End, is.. outside... on a major walkway near ASU, so it's frequented by many people in the evenings. There were folk sitting around, watching, wincing, ignoring, shaking their heads sadly. there were people walking by, looking over their shoulders with sneers as i would hit a wrong chord yet again.

on a positive note:

*Stace RAWKED on the trumpet, it sounded wonderful.
*the weather was PERFECT. can't get better temps outside than it was tonight. not hot, not chilly. perfect.
*the first performance is OUT OF THE WAY. now that i'm getting the feel of actually PERFORMING for people (karaoke so does not count, nor does a house party with friends and a half wasted band), i think i can handle this.

and i think i like it. :)

it only gets better from here. and i left tonight, feeling quite accomplished, that i was finally able to perform 'on stage' for the first time ever with my band.


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