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although i'm a bit late at posting this...


Your Weekly Horoscope for Mar 10 to 16

Well is it your lucky week or not? The cosmos has a bag of goodies lined up for you, as Uranus the planet of revolution moves into your sign. You won't see fireworks or experience the earth moving under your feet just yet, but you will sense a whole new vibration entering your life. Things are going to get very interesting for you as time goes on. You also have both the Sun and Mercury in Pisces which is encouraging you to look at your own 'mission statement' and to think about where your life is headed, and whether this is what you really want or not. People are going to start seeing you in a whole new light very soon. They will have to change their concept of who they thought you were. Mars is stirring up the activity level as far as your social life is concerned. Your appointments diary will be filled with dates, and if not - why not? You have the ball in your court as far as love and romance are concerned. Make your decisions wisely this week, especially as far as your secrets are concerned. Don't give anything away unless you have to, especially when a love affair is concerned.

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