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I hate it when you see someone going through a rough spot in their life. When you care for the person as a friend so much, but they have blocked you out completely, when they need someone there the most.

When you don't know what to do, if you should allow them the time they need, because you fear that "something bad" will happen if you don't interfere, or if you should march in there and kick their ass into gear, for fear that you might only succeed in pushing them farther away.

Where IS my magic 8 ball?!? oh. right. i don't HAVE one. phooey.

Just... if you read this... I doubt you will, but if you DO... know that I'm here for you. You have my number.

Love and muffins,

"It's a drag when you don't touch down and it feels so far below..
When you sleep in the morning and the sun begins to show,
Plant a seed in your garden, and it will begin to grow.
Sometimes, you just need someone to believe that it's so."

- Michael Anthony Franano, 1993

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