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Thanks! As always, you RAWK!

Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes!! :) i felt loveded, even though i was in a foreign country!

the trip was wonderful, and exactly what i needed. the resort was amazing, in the middle of nowhere, and on it's own little beach.

i got duh-runk. sadly? on only 3 drinks. we were all in bed (the first time) by 1030. peyton and meredith got back up to lollygag around.

and i tell ya, waking up to the sun coming through an open window, sound of the surf? *swoon* and it was the most comfortable bed ever. i just wish i could have slept longer.

and i bought entirely TOO much. egads, did i buy too much. *bites lip*

i got home, and decided to swing by the post office... i found 8 BOXES of stuff in there. i got some wonderful gifts from my mommy, as well as yet another stellar mixed cd in the series from pasquinade!!

and for those that liked my post last night that i stole from my brother, baryon pointed this out to me.

well. i spose i should hop in the shower, so that i can drag my happy arse back to the hell hole that is work.

i need to get out of the travel industry. and i need to do it NOW.

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