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huh. this is also always nice to know.

who knew i moved to sin city?

*still trying to install EQ*

*growls at computer*

...time goes by as she tippity types away to customer service...


CSR Sean M: The problem here is your video card. That card is not supported for use and will give you error problems when you try to play the game.

and AGAIN, fuckity fuck fuck fuck.

EverQuest had BEST be freaking worth it by the time i get my freaking ass on there, is all i can say! This is turning out to be ENTIRELY too much freaking effort. I'm torn between marching down (cuz, you know, i can't DRIVE *stoopid fcking jeep*) to the nearest video card seller person and paying, as CSR Sean M. told me, anywhere from $50 on up for a fcking video card, or just calling my $25 (plus shipping and handling) at a lost and torching the living fuck out of this stupid freaking game installation thing.

and, again, fuck.

anything else wanna happen today to test my mood?!?!?

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