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thoughts and recollections...


i am drunk.

i am drunk for the first time in who knows how long, cept for my birthday eve in mexico.

what happened to my oath to not drink anymore, saying that i felt so much better?

who knows.

who EVER knows, really?

i'm home now. went to dinner with chris and meredith, everyone else copping out on me, like usual. some people had valid excuses, some just said "no. i don't feel like it." *shrug* whatever. i had a blast.

after sitting at uno's with chris and mere (and later another chris and jenny), we drove to Good Time Charlies, where we hadn't gone in for-ev-er. backing up a bit, mere had bought me a LOW cut really cool black velvet shirt. i had NEVER worn anything so low cut in my life. sure, i talk about my boobs a lot, but to SHOW them? pfft. never.

ironically, the only free drinks i got ALL night were from women.

so, chris and jenny left, mere went and picked up ingrid, and the four of us (chris, mere, ingrid, and i), sat there, drank many o beer, sang many o song, and just had one helluva time. we wrote notes to each other all night (chris and i started it).., i got to play Shoulder to a friend that desperately needed it (gary), and all was good.

until now, when i sit in my apartment, quiet and alone yet again. and drunk. can't forget drunk.

now, i remember why i quit drinking. i feel like doodie. and i feel.. depressed. i hate depressed feelings.

but we're all sposed to go to the ren fest tomorrow. that should be fun, hangover or no.

anyhoo. i'll now drag my drunken, idiotic, saddened self off to beddy bye.

g'night everyone. talk to you soon. God bless.

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