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best thing i've read all day:

Top 10 RPG Cliches

10: "aspiring young adventurer" is destined to defeat unspeakable evil and save the world - all before the tender age of 16

9: Having Amnesia is as common as catching a cold.

8: Spiky hair is cool

7: Reading lots of text boxes are what video games are all about

6: Androgynous males are hot

5: The longer the game is, the better it is.

4: slow moving ooze always kicks your ass at first

3: By randomly talking to people, you are able to uncover grand plots to destroy the world

2: Girls love a man with an oversized sword

1. True love exists


just got back from the ren fest adventure, with meredith and chris (and ingrid, who had come with someone else...).. i got LOTS of sun. lots of dust. lots of incense. *breaths deeply*

we then went to see Dreamcatcher which was MUCH better than i had anticipated, not really liking anything that mr. steve king had come out with movie wise lately. whatever. you know what i mean.

but, i'm going to take a bubble bath to get the grime from the road OFF me, so that i can clambor into bed (after having less than 3 hours sleep last night. *#(&*Q# hangover.) and wake up tomorrow to face the dreaded ICE Gallery.


hope you all had a wonderful weekend, too!

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