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wow. you get a zombie on the business end of a mop, and there's NO tellin what can happen!

Said had sent this out to everyone awhile ago, and i had wanted to post it, but had spaced it off. he wrote this in a select reply all in response to an email for yet more monitoring of different things...

"How about some forms of electronic monitoring? Electronic monitoring would restrict your employees to certain locations at certain times of the day. This form of monitoring usually involves strapping a tamper-resistant, waterproof transmitter bracelet to the employee's wrist or ankle. There are a few ways in which such transmitters can be used. One way is to enforce access restrictions by placing receivers in areas the employee is not supposed to go so often- bathroom; cafeteria; etc. If these receivers detect a forbidden transmitter, they alert the team lead, the manager and the director, and possibly the person or people whose access is supposed to be restricted. Alternately, the transmitter can be used by placing receivers in areas the employee is supposed to be, such as the off employee's cubicle; cars; bathrooms. If the employee wanders too far, the receiver sounds an alarm. Sounds really professional and it will definitely coordinate our breaks."

i already miss some of my coworkers. *sadness*

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