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yet another thing that i didn't know.. why is it seemingly so .. beyond me?






long day at work. so. this is what they mean by monotonous job?!? as if i hadn't known. i feel like i'm part of a horrible science experiment, in sitting everyone in tiny cubes, spaced exactly so far from each other, for long periods of time, and mark every second they're anywhere other than in that very spot in the building.

i remarked to a guy behind me that i felt as if i stood up and tried walking somewhere, that they would have a sniper cap my ass.



during my last break, i went to see if i had any cash in the jeep... and as i'm shutting the door, i see my keys in the driver's seat.. the door shuts in slow motion, as i jut my hand out and in a deep slo mo voice yell... "nooooooooo -o-o-o-o-o-o-o-oo-o-o-oo-o-o-" SLAM.

*heavy sigh*

i can see my keys. i wave to them. "hi, keys," i say. i haven't LOST my keys, they're right there?!? see?!? SEE?!? *CACKLE*

so, i call nutty, cuz she has my spare. she says she'll be there about a quarter after 7.. so i stand there... she wasn't late, really, but standing there.. by myself.. in a bad neighborhood... with NO one else around (nice of all my coworkers to not even give me a cursory "um. you locked out? you need help?" pfeh on them.), but i started thinking "okay. it's only a bit more than an hour walk home. no problem. who cares if it's central phoenix in an industrial area?!? i can do it." then it clicks:

my APARTMENT key is on the same keyring that lies in my front seat. if i walk home, what am i going to do?!? sleep on my doorstep?!? in the covered parking spot where my jeep usually sits?!? i go back to the window and wave sadly at them. i try to talk them into unlocking the door and letting me in.

it doesn't work.


but dearest nut butter showed, i got my key, drove and picked up some chinese take out...

and here i am.


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