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to prove that i'm a brainiac:

aubkabob : to share something funny with you
OrnotTheMajestic: yay for being naked!!!
aubkabob : i just put my shirt on, did my make up, blew dried my hair
OrnotTheMajestic : share share!!!
aubkabob : turn off the light and was like "okay! i'm READY!"
OrnotTheMajestic : what's so funny about that?
OrnotTheMajestic : ;)
aubkabob : as i step out of the bathroom and feel a draft.
aubkabob : aaaas i realize i'm not wearing pants.
aubkabob : i KNEW i was forgetting something!
OrnotTheMajestic : i hate it when that happens

as i also inform him that i've made it half way down the block before, carrying my remote control.

or my cordless phone instead of my cell.

anything like that you've done?!?

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