Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
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what a pain in the neck...

i went to bed at exactly 5 o'clock, ay em.

woke up at 11, with thee worst crick in my neck, ever.

so, here i sit, sipping cold coffee (cuz i didn't drink it fast enough), on naproxin and robaxin, and still in pain.

but at least i feel... partly cloudy with a chance of rain?!?

or partly cloudy, with trouser stains, and my copy of inquiring minds?!? but, that never meant that much to me, i chose to keep my nose too clean. *sniff* i'd sooo much rather keep it pointed, anyway, in the cover of a magazine..

and that is why i confide in you the truth this time....

that i'm on aim... aubkabob, if you will. if you ever wish to chat, hunt me down, yo.

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