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here's my dilemma:

the collections job, not to sound snooty, but it feels like it's so beneath me. all of my coworkers are age 17 - 22 dropouts (reminder: i'm 28 with some schooling behind me), and while age normally doesn't bug me, in this case, it truly does.

other things about the job that bugs me:

- everyone talks about commission like it's a dream, that it's a cookie they MIGHT get once a month if they've been reeally reeally good. meaning, that i'm basically working for just the hourly.

- if i DO get any commission, it won't be until may 25th, as they give it out only on the 25th of each month, and withhold it a month, to cover bounced checks by the clients, etc.

- all my coworkers, save admin, drive really clunky old cars. those that DO have cars. i think maybe only 40% of my coworkers even have a car, the remainder bum rides or take the bus. this is not a good sign income wise.


all that said (and a few things left unsaid), the energy of that place is amazing. everyone (for the most part) is VERY happy, and they reward awesome attitudes. i would love to work for a place that had that kind of positive energy, but NOT doing what i'm doing.


here's my delimma:

they changed my hours so that i'm working either 9 - 6 or 8 - 5, depending upon the day of the week. this is also the only times that i would have available to find a job and go to interviews. i only get a half hour lunch (another bad point), so it's not like i can go and do anything during lunch.

i have five messages for job interviews sitting here *shows everyone notebook*, and i imagine that i could line up more by applying for more positions.


what the hell do i do?!? i don't want to quit this job and not have another lined up, yet i can't find another job if i'm working this one.


and let's not EVEN discuss my bills.

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