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i was playing chrono cross last night, and it brought back memories. just like whenever i play legend of dragoon, i get a massive craving for miso soup, as when i got it, i was sick with a NAAASTY sinus infection, and lived off of miso soup and soy bread.

anyhoo... as i was saying about chrono cross.... any of you that have played it, do you know the world map music in the "another world" section? that morose music as you're waltzing from city to city?

After my surgery, i spent two weeks splayed on my couch, half of it with 3 inch splints in my nasal cavity. My nose would bleed anytime i moved, whether it was to race to the kitchen to get water, or just to go potty, i would need to change the bandage strapped under my nostrils. i had almost no visitors, and had no phone. my boyfriend at the time, clint, came by the first few days to pet my hair back from my forehead, and to make fun of my drugged state of mind. after day 3, however, the only visitor i had for a few days was irma, who stopped by once.

i was weak. i dropped over 10 lbs in my first 2 days of recovery. i was drugged heavily on percoset and antibiotics. i was so weak that i would need to take a 2 hour nap to recouperate from the effort it took me to go to the bathroom. i had no cable, and almost no movies, and couldn't make it through a movie, anyway, without falling asleep. i didn't think that had been THAT tough of a period of my life, until i played chrono cross last night...

during my sedation, i spent almost all wakey wakey time playing that game. i would fight two to five battles, then have to pause it and take another nap, then wake up and play some more. i would constantly fall asleep during it, usually when that ominous world music was playing in the background.

when i heard that world music for the first time in *counts* 9 months, it gave me the willies, and even thinking about it (it's going through my head), it gives me a lump in my throat.
Tags: games, nostalgia, surgery

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