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options options options

thanks for all of your suggestions from yesterday!! they will all be taken into consideration!!

yes, i know that should i leave, that the bad credit would follow me, but i would be keeping my jeep and not getting a repo.

the things that scare me most about moving up:

- no room, mom and jess live in a one bedroom apartment, with a LOT of stuff. i would be imposing, and where would i sleep?
- not being able to get a job.
- after living on my own FOR TEN YEARS away from my family, that i'll get around them again, and flip out because i don't have my space or my own time. as much as i love my mom and brosely
- the weather having adverse effects on me. i was a depressed teen. not that i'm a very sunshiny adult, but since i moved to az, i've definitely been in the best moods??! from the sunshine, i think?

i went to dinner and a movie (Phone Booth, quite good!) last night with mere and chris. they almost wet themselves when i told them that i was thinking about moving home. they DID wet themselves when i said if i did, it would be THIS WEEKEND.

i just don't know what to do.

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