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i woke up in a better mood this morning, thank you all for your well wishes and priceless advice!!!

and sorry to all of my newest friends, i promise i'm not always this whiny!!!!!

so, time to hop in the shower and get ready for job interview #1: receptionist at the security place.

i need to print out hard copies of my resume, which turn out looking... interesting.. because i'm out of black ink, and my printer is moody at the best of times... so it's in red and blue ink.

nothing like patriotism to show eagerness for a new place o employment, eh?!? *nudge* eh??! *nudge,nudge*

and... though i haven't really brought up the war at all, and have been almost actively ignoring it (other than the statue attack this morning), just from hear say... is it just me, or has this war been a lot of:

"we killed Saddam!!"
"oh, no.. sorry, that was his son."

"hey! we killed Saddam today!"
"no, wait.. heh heh.. that was a cat.."


"hooray! three cheers for the death of Saddam!!"
"woops. that was a tree trunk."

is he alive or dead?!?

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