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1 down, 2 to go..

back from the 1st interview.

a girl was interviewed right before me, i heard them laugh once, at the end, and i thought "geez. sounds like she has a good repoir with them...*sniffle*"

then i went in.

i had them rolling in the aisles the whole interview, we cracked jokes back and forth the entire time... they laughed and said "you can start immediately, right? be back by noon? ha ha ha..." they said that they would know for sure at the end of today or first thing tomorrow, and that they were certainly looking for someone that could keep the office dynamics going, because it was a small office with only 5 people in it, so the person they hire would certainly need to fit in.

i certainly felt the dynamics.


this would be for only $10.50 an hour, no chance for advancement, not really any overtime. i would be a receptionist, period, and help others out as needed.

out of the 3, this is my least wanted job. as wonderful as the girls were that interviewed me, if it came down to this job or washington state, i would probably choose wa.


im hungry, so now it's on to grab a bite to eat/something to drink, like a beer (juuuuust kidding. *snark*), and then off to interview #2, for the property management position.

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