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2 down, 1 to go....

back from the property management interview.

good thing: i interviewed with kim. she drug in the property manager to interview me after that. she drug the DISTRICT manager in to interview me after that. we hung, we chatted, we chuckled, they gave me a pamphlet at the properties i would be working at, should i be hired.

bad thing: if they hire me, i prolly won't be starting for two, maybe even three weeks or MORE.


i have my last interview, for the manager and trainer for a new call center down at the chinese cultural center at 3, giving me 3 hours to kill. i think i'll go have my taxes rapid refundeded.

so, the score so far?!?

75% going to washington state
25% staying in arizona

i keep playing over things in my mind, like how great it will be to be around my family again and such, and all the new opportunities i'll have up there, the new experiences, the new friends...

... the new start...

granted, this will be different than any of my other 'pick up from a state and move somewhere else' moves, because i actually know someone there.

granted, it will be SO hard to leave everything here, to leave everyone.

granted, i will probably want to strangle my family within a week of living up there, being in such a confined space together.

but i'll be home.

after ten years, i will finally be home.

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