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hey. don't write yourself off yet...

gooooood morning, everyone!!!

i got my bathroom done yesterday, out of the zillions of lotions/shampoos/bubble baths/soaps/hair doodads/jewelry/etc., that i had accumulated in the last 7 1/2 years (or more, i found stuff i had bought while living in VIRGINIA!), down to only one plastic shopping bag, and then the stuff that's around my sink that i'll be using over the next few days. quite happy with my wittling down, i am. i got rid of *counts* 5 or 6 shopping bags for the one i kept.

so far, so good.

since i was able to proceed from my bathroom to the closet doors (my closet doors and walls over on this section of my apartment are covered with things i felt i needed to hang up. since it started 5 years ago, it's almost like a timeline of what i liked and was like during certain sections of my life. just, um.. note to self: after 5 years, the poster putty that you so innocently put on the backs to hang up the pics? they become one with the wall and the object you hung.), but as i was saying, since i got as far as one of my closet doors, it looks almost as if "The Nothing" from Neverending Story is starting in my bathroom and working outwards...

and wading isn't an option through the rest of my apartment, it is mandatory.

and now something has fiddled with my allergies, and i can't stop sneezing.

"and as i try to make my way to the ordinary world,
i will learn to survive.."

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