Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

weird, odd, completely SYMBOLIC dreams last night. example: i was running around an exotic food store in only one shoe (my renaissance sandals i haven't worn in ages), desperately looking for some miso soup. i found all sorts of other organic stuff i'd never heard of but WHERE THE HELL WAS THE MISO?!? whenever the Chef would come around the corner (the food store was OBVIOUSLY run by chefs), i would dart behind a box, so that he couldn't see me running around with only one shoe. barefoot in food stores just isn't sanitary, you know.

blip to next dream. it's graduation. it's raining and windy outside, i can hear it, i can feel the rain blowing in through the porch, but whenever i look out, it's normal sunshiny weather. i'm surrounded by family, but other than my real dad, it's tons of aunts and uncles that i didn't even know - nor could i stand to be around - in my dream, but my dad told me to just play along. the most annoying aunt and uncle gave me two presents, i opened them, and they were the most gaudy, gawd awful lace and taffeta shirts this side of... well, this side of anywhere. i grimaced a thank you, after which someone became upset, because one of those presents had been for my twin sister, and how DARE i open it up? i sat there aghast, saying they TOLD me to, that's why, and where IS my twin sister, anyway?!?!?

blip to another dream. i'm walking around in a drizzly haze. i feel my bare feet stepping in the dark green grass, feel the blades of grass between my toes, and feel the cool dampness. i was searching for Locke. i had lost my powers, but knew i could find them again easily. i walk around an edge of a house and see an abandoned playground, and next to it, a graveyard.
Tags: dreams

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