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the agony... the humanity of it all...

i looooooove it when i wake up at 630 ay freaking em, naturally, on a saturday morning, and can't get back to sleep.

i looooooove it even more, when you wake up feeling like you're about to give birth to an 8 lb. cactus. not the one with the little spines, either. oh, no. the one you are about to push through your birth canal has the spines the size of my middle finger, and they have already embedded themselves into my uterus walls.


let's see if i can accomplish something more today than i did yesterday, hm?!? even if i just pick my nose and stare at the walls, i would accomplish more.

i need coffee.

***addendum, an hour later****

i put one of those heated pads thingies across my lower midsection. the heat is now radiating, sending it's warm little hugs throughout my lower tummy walls.

so far, the uterus is appeased.

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