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18 flipping years later....

my computer is taking soooooo loooooooong to do aaaaaanythiiiiiing.


sorry i haven't updated much over the last couple of days, i've been trying to keep busy... since no one is showing up when they said they would to pick up things, i'm just currently succeeding in just moving things around in the living area, and haven't even LOOKED at the kitchen yet.


i'm SO behind on schedule. unless i brought in a firehose and washed out my apartment, or any miracle, there is no humanly way possible i'm leaving tomorrow, like i had wanted. i may even be VERY lucky to leave by thursday afternoon.


thanks so much to my beloved littledevi, baryon, jecook, nutty and pookie143 for coming to my farewell get together sat night! sorry that i was so... *cough* drunk. and i'm so thankful that i'm getting to say goodbye/meet so many before i leave.

so, even though i haven't been around, really, know that i'm with you in spirit.

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