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i promised peyton he'd get first grabs, but after he chooses, i have these cd's and movies to get rid of:


Blind Melon
alanis morisset - supposed former infatuation junkie
sr-71 - now you see inside
stone temple pilots - tiny music...
bang tango - psycho cafe
two-bit thief - another sad story.. in the big city
bangles - greatest hits
richard marx - greatest hits
barenaked ladies - stunt
eve 6
moist - creature
zumpano - look what the rookie did
oasis - definitely maybe
gin blossoms - congratulations, i'm sorry
sponge - rotting pinata
tora tora - surprise attack
love/hate - black out in the red room
greta - no biting
idle wilds - dumb, gifted, and beautiful
death angel - act iii
black lab - your body above me
harry connick, jr - she
lost highway soundtrack
sponge - wax ecstatic
tonic - lemon parade
bush - sixteen stone
bush - razorblade suitcase
the lost boys soundtrack
madonna - the immaculate collection
matthew good band - beautiful midnight
oasis - what's the story morning glory
toto - greatest hits
alice in chains - jar of flies
enya - memory of trees
freddy's dead: the final nightmare soundtrack
dave matthews band - crash
the cranberries - everybody else is doing it, so why can't we?
zumpano - goin through changes
blackstreet - another level
garbage - version 2.0
cake - comfort eagle
the rolling stones - anybody seen my baby? single
cellophane - i'm so glad you came
new order - republic
the crow soundtrack
mayfield four - motion
liz phair - whip-smart
lynch mob
real mccoy - another night
duran duran
moist - silver
i mother earth - dig
salty dog - every dog has its day
alanis morissette - little jagged pill
the inbreds - kombinator
romeo and juliet soundtrack
matchbox 20 - yourself or someone like you
school house rock rocks (with better than ezra, blind melon, moby, etc.)
green day - nimrod
joan osborne - relish
beth orton - central reservation
dishwalla - pet your friends
fastball - all the pain money can buy
love spit love
nada surf - high/low
an 80's compilation with dexy's midnight runners, wang chung, wall of voodoo, the church, spandau ballet, etc.
a 120 minutes compilation with xtc, sonic youth, soul asylum, they might be giants, camper van beethoven, modern english, etc.
dgc rarities vol i with sloan, hole, nirvana, sonic youth, beck, weezer, cell, the sundays, teenage fanclub, etc.
sub pop employee of the month compilation with sebadoh, velocity girl, eric's trip, reverent horton heat, les thugs, pigeonhed, etc.

vhs movies:

romeo and juliet
bush (video compilation)
interview with a vampire
a yoga workout video
another yoga workout video
a kathy lee workout video
the stand
the dark crystal
animaniacs singalong
the craft

i'll let you know if i come across any others...

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