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as if i wasn't stressed enough...

first of all, i would like to point out, for the record, how freaking PISSED i am that every time i finish constructing some sort of entry for lj, that it fucking loses it.

let me also state, for the record, that lj only does this, when i'm posting about something when i'm EMOTIONAL. livejournal servers fcking up and losing my entry MAKES ME EVEN MORE EMOTIONAL, AND MAKES ME WANT TO THROW THINGS FROM 3RD STORY WINDOWS.


ANYFUCKINGHOO. the post i had just MADE, but that livejournal fcked up on actually POSTING, was, in an abridged version, because i'm now very pissy and don't want to have to retype the whole thing:

- i went to go get boxes.
- i fell. i didn't trip, i didn't slip. one second, i was standing there, the next, i'm lying half on the pavement, half in a rock garden, on top of a bush.
- my left hand is now a bloody, pulpy mass of hamburger meat, in a centimeter diameter.
- i was stabbed in my back by a sawed off bush branch.
- i cannot use my left thumb at all, because it hurts my hand, and causes my bandage to fall off.
- this does not please me, as i am already days behind the original departure date that i had planned. now i have only one and a half hands, an injured hip, and a bloody back to contend with.
- people are pissing me off because they tell me they want things, and that they will be by at a particular time/date, and fall through EVERY FLIPPING TIME. folks. i do NOT have time to work my life around your stupid schedules. i am leaving in a couple of days. if you want the furniture, fine. come and get the flipping things. if not, do not have me 'hold it for you', and have me continue turning everyone else away that wants the piece of furniture who may have actually come and gotten the things. from now on, it's FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE. you have my number, call me and i'll see if i feel like letting you in my bloody freaking door days after you said you would be by originally. when you feel like coming by and picking it up, if i haven't had any takers yet, you can find it near the dumpster.

the original post had lots of cutesy mirthy stuff in it, but after live journal lost it in the transition of hitting "update journal" and it going to the next screen, it was lost. so now i'm crankier than i was before.

and i'm hungry.

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