Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo


i have a zillion tapes i need to get rid of, too....

here's what i've come across so far:

savatage - streets (a rock opera)
wrathchild america - climbing the walls
faster pussycat - wake me when it's over
sloan - smeared
goo goo dolls - hold me up (when they were punk)
sweet f.a. - stick to your guns
kix - live
no doubt - tragic kingdom
lion - trouble in angel city
the stickman - demo
banshee - race against time
sister whiskey - liquor and poker
oliver twist - demo
julie brown - trapped in the body of a white girl
vinnie vincent invasion - all systems go
kix - hot wire
electric angels
the nylons - Christmas harmony
winger - in the heart of the young
cold sweat - break out
alice cooper - trash
testament - return to the apocalyptic city
big bang babies - demo
tin pan alley - demo
bang kitti bang - demo
killer dwarfs - dirty weapons
danger danger - screw it
crying shame - demo
wrathchild america - 3-d
the decline of western civilization part ii, the metal years soundtrack
pulse - demo
hanoi rocks - two steps from the move
gypsy rose - prey
testament - the new order
dokken - beast from the east
dweezil zappa - having a bad day
d'molls - warped
vixen - rev it up
violent - eternal nightmare
toxic - think this
femme fetale
l.a. guns
extreme - pornograffitti (x2)
tattoo rodeo - rode hard, put away wet
law and order - guilty of innocence
bangalore choir - on target
dirty rhythm - hard as a rock
dirty looks - turn of the screw
roxx gang - things you never done before
cruella d'ville - demo
roxy blue - everyone wants some
cracked alley - demo
beau nasty - dirty but well dressed
lita ford - dangerous curves
hericane alice - tear the house down
every mother's nightmare
noisy mama - everybody has one
wicked witch - demo
don dokken - up from the ashes
scatterbrain - scamboogery
thrillseeker - demo
aerosmith - pump
wolfsbane - live fast, die fast
twist of fate - demo
spread eagle - open to the public

cassingles of:

def leppard - armageddon it
buck-o-nine - toothless
nelson - more than ever
dokken - alone again (live)
modern english - i melt with you
winger - can't get enough
u2 - hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me
divinyls - i touch myself
ann wilson and robin zander - surrender to me
vixen - edge of a broken heart
bad english - when i see you smile
baton rouge - walks like a woman
mozart - speed train
sheriff - when i'm with you
alice in chains - angry chair
the scream - i believe in me
richard marx - right here waiting
eyes - calling all girls
kik tracee - don't need rules
third eye blind - semi charmed life

compilations of:

masters of metal, with cinderella, night ranger, dokken, white lion, triumph, mr. big, winger, kix, etc.
headbanging metal, with yngwie malmsteen, quiet riot, judas priest, xyz, stryper, wasp, ozzie, etc.
heavy metal love with yngwie malmsteen, great white, vixen, stryper, judas priest, europe, etc.

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