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the plan, stan...


this is what i'm SHOOTING for, regarding my plan driving home:

i already have a cruise booked, i booked it months ago, going out of l.a., and was just going to count the $300 as a loss, and not go.

der. my cruise coincides almost perfectly with the timeframe i'm shooting for leaving.


if everything goes as NEWLY planned:

i will leave arizona early tomorrow evening, maybe around 6 or so? drive to sandy eggo. spend the night.

get up the next morning, and drive to l.a., hop on the cruise ship. return monday.

leave monday from los angeles, and drive home. lessee.. i should get off the ship around noonish, which will put me home at about midnight. nope. scratch that. i'll drive as far north in cali until the sun goes down, since i'll be stuck in l.a. traffic. get a hotel room.

i will be home by tuesday afternoon.


but that means some SEVERE ball busting in my court for the next 24 hours. *looks around at messy apartment and tries not to cry* nutty says she's coming over to help me wipe everything out tomorrow night.

in the meantime, i'm off to a mailing place to ups some more boxes, to goodwill to drop off more things, to the blood bank to give them more magazines, to peyton's to give him stuff, and whereever else i need to go. oh, and i need to call iicarrii.

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