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farewell to thee...

this will most likely be thee last post i make from arizona. i have less than 3 hours to finish packing *ha* and such. and i so need to bathe. but so don't even have time. so i'll prolly bathe in sandyeggo.

i will be in l.a. on monday, and shortly on friday, as well, though i have a ship to catch (which i technically don't have to board until 330 or so..), i would love to meet those that i could there, so nasagirl and brynna, i will try to give you a call before i leave town tonight, if not, then from sandy eggo tomorrow or something. you can also give me a call at 602-299-9815 until about 6 pm tonight. since i'm on cricket, the second i get out of phoenix, i no longer have a cell phone. (stupid phone plan.) i will also keep imnotbob's number, so that we can try to get together sometime on monday, en route home. i figured why NOT take my time and see/do what i can on my way home?!? i'll find a hotel prolly in northern cali, and wake up nice and refreshed for the final leg home.

thank you all for your wonderful support while i've been going through this, and to you phoenicians, i will truly miss you, especially my band and what we had. to those phoenicians i never had the chance to meet *coughiicarriicough*, hopefully, we'll still get the chance one day.

to you portlanders/vancouverians, i look forward to either seeing you again, or meeting you for the first time.

God Bless and Blessed Be.

i will post sometime when i get home on tuesday.

Aubkabob, over and out.

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