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day two in the lap of luxury...

or the hair of the dog. whichever.

day two has brought the following:

- i was awakened this morning by a 3.9 earthquake. the epicenter was less than 5 miles from my mom's apartment. i told her that earthquakes were NOT in the contract of my moving here.

- i've discovered the wonders of satellite t.v., including MANY different music stations. i have since been grounded from the remote control by my mother. i will get custody of said remote for brief times during the day, as long as it does not coincide with Dr. Phil or Oprah.

- still haven't started looking for a job, bad, bad aubrey.

- i've discovered that there is NO space ANYWHERE for my things. i've been allotted half a trunk (top only) for my bathroom things. this space has already been taken up by towels. my clothing/underwear/socks/etc shall remain in garbage bags until way further notice.

- weather: still cold and rainy. high today of 51 flipping degrees. weather for the next week: cold and rainy. hello, april.

all things considered, the lack of privacy and space hasn't gotten to me yet, although i'm certain it will set in soon.

love you alls.

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