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so, i worked THREE HOURS overtime yesterday, and my boss was begging me for more. um... no. i've been here since six a.m., it's now going on six p.m., i'm tired, i'm hungry, and have to be back here in another 12 hours... sorry, i'll put more time in tomorrow. they FINALLY gave us some groovy leads, for every live person that i actually got on the phone returning their call, i held at LEAST one cabin (except for one or two evil grumps in the depths of florida, but what can ya do?) HOPEFULLY, they'll all ring me today to SHOWER me with credit card numbers! then i'll be rich, Rich, RIIIICH!


or at least be able to pay my bills for once.

anyhoo, nother pleading reminder, come join my dream interpretation/dream sharing community nitetime_expres ... okay, you don't HAVE to, but i would love to have you...
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