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just in case....

juuuust in case, you are one of the ones to suddenly see me on your friends of list, and you're wondering who the hell i am..


i am, of course, aubreystar, in the flesh... awhile ago, i had started THIS joinal, and had made a post or two, saying i wouldn't add anyone unless they added me first, and where to find me.. in talking to a couple of people NOW, from my old friends list, it seems like a lot of you still misplaced me somehow?! it happens. in the shuffle of life, it happens. ;)

so. anyone who had kept aubreystar on their friends list, i added you as a friend of aubkabob, figuring that either you had missed me, and was truly perplexed and wondering which rock i had crawled under, or was too lazy to kick me off your friends list *smirk*.

either way, going back through my old friends list, i realized how many people i truly missed since the transition, and wonder how i had done it without you. *blows kisses*

but, in the meantime... the sun is out, which frightens me greatly (how soon we forget after leaving phoenix!), which, naturally, is driving me outside to walk around in it. where will i go, you ask? pfft. beats me.

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