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"i'm a mog. half man/half dog. i'm my own best friend..."

today was spent out in the park with courtney, brosely, injnshiloh, and scaraharem learning poi (who knew i had coordination?!?) and getting some sun. i had forgotten how truly wonderful it was to sit outside on a perfect spring day, under a real tree to shade you from sun, feeling the real grass under your hands as you lean back.. *le sigh* everything in phoenix is imported and artificial-like. they don't have grass like THAT back home. (the stuff you sit on, not the stuff you smoke, you dweebs.)

tonight will find cara, jess, and i at arnada?!? izzat what it's called? girls night. open mic. will i brave the stage again?!? who knows. all depends upon the crowd. i haven't played my guitar AT ALL since last open mic, which means i'm outta practice. hard to be an aspiring rock star, when there isn't room to sit, let alone croon off key as you decide how you want words of a certain song to go. not to mention that the walls are so thin, that you can hear the neighbors cough.

i'm sleepy. maybe because today was thee most active i've had since i've been here? *drooool*

"great. that's all we need. a Druish princess."
"funny. she doesn't LOOK Druish."

and what ever happened to that guy from Spaceballs/Police Acadamy, that did all the noises?!?

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