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a year in reflection...

brosely and i were just reviewing what we were up to a year ago.

so, i look and found this and this.

amazing to see how much has changed in a year (even journal names! aubkabob wasn't born until July...). but is it for the better?!?

either way, life keeps drawing us forward.. it's what we decide to do with it that matters...


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May. 6th, 2003 07:06 am (UTC)
hello my darling!!!
so i have absolutely no frickin clue what your email addy is now... and therefore, i shall reply to a journal post instead. i miss you and miss jess; he's still the hottest thing since j timba! LOL anyways, i'm good. definitely haven't fallen off the face of the planet, just the face of lj. hah. maybe it's for the better tho; i was a *bit* addicted, haha. anyways, i've somehow extracted myself from the quagmire that is live journal and started to live life outside of the computer. strangely enough, it's led me to virginia. yup. i'm moving on june 3rd to virginia for the long haul. i can't ever imagine moving back to boston; but i'll never say never, because you know what happens when you say THAT!!! besides, boston is a great place and i'll certainly be visiting quite often! haha to give you a little idea as to how serious he and i are, the name of our first born daughter is going to be devynn elizabeth adams and our first born son will be daniel thomas adams... hah, that would make me nicole leigh adams by default ;-) you and your hottie bro better have enough cashola to fly out for my damn wedding (boston) on july 23rd, 2005 :-D HEHEHE... anyways, he's great and i'm great and i miss you both! i don't have aubrey's phone number *AHEM* anymore, so i can't call :-( love and hugs!
~ nikkie
Jun. 16th, 2003 12:32 am (UTC)
Re: hello my darling!!!
i'm sooo happy and soooo excited for you, woman, words just cannot express!!! i still haven't found a job here, but depending upon cash flow next month, i may be able to make a guest appearance, but i wouldn't count on it *sobs*

mmmmmmmmm watching luka kovac on ER when he first started.. *droool* so young. it's the ep where he gets the guy so mad he punches him to prove he's violent?!?

anyhoo, where was i? *giggle* still mid book 5 in wheel of time ;) i think about you a lot when i actually get around to reading!! :D

we have so got to catch up and stuff! here's all my new contact info:

aubrey keating
p.o. box 501
vancouver, wa
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