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i wanted to stop by in my busy schedule *cough* to let you know about tuesday night and what an incredible night it was for me.

tuesday night is, of course, open mic nights at The Arnada Cafe, where i played 3 songs the night i arrived. last tuesday, they didnt' have the key to get access to the mic and other equipment, so they didn't do it. i went this tuesday, didn't bring my guitar, and had the mind frame that i wouldn't be singing.

the guy that does it.. Jordan?!? i think his name is.. he saw me and yelped excitedly "omg!!! did you bring your guitar?!?" uh. no. "oh! well, you're using mine then!"

i played... 6? 7? songs?!? lessee:

"raining on the sky" - naked (the band, i wasn't in the buff..)
"rainy season" - vacant stairs *grin*
"glutton of sympathy" - jellyfish
"dog on wheels" - belle and sebastian
"she's losing it" - belle and sebastian

and i feel like i'm forgetting at least one... there were many MANY mistakes, but there was almost no one there, though brosely kept laughing his arse off... scaraharem was there, too...

anyhoo. so, i'm singing my songs, and about half the bar is in the back playing pool, most of the other half is around the bar itself, backs turned to me, and then my brother and cara plus another guy at a booth to the left...

and one lady that came FROM the back, to perch RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, and smile and grin and clap her hands to the music and sway to the rhythm.

when she had to leave between songs, she came up and gave me a tip (a TIP!), and said that i had thee most beautiful voice she had EVER heard, and to never stop singing.

that made my entire flipping month, lemme tell you.

so, i announced that she was my number one fan, because she was officially my first unbiased fan, meaning, not a friend or a friend of a friend, or an lj user ;)

maybe i'll frame the dollar.. :)

so... i guess i'm pretty much a permanent fixture at the arnada tuesday nights. it's pretty much the jordan and aubrey show, because no one else comes out, that i've seen. cara has played a couple of songs before.

her and i are going to start going to the park (once this blasted rain stops) in the afternoons and practice and stuff so that we can do stuff together...

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