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memories and ghosts...

jess and i drove up to longview today, where we grew up.

- we drove to his elementary school, and walked around the building, peeking in all of the windows.
- we ate at the wendy's i worked at when i was 17/18. i laughed hysterically and pointed at the general manager, larry davis - the same general manager that was there when i worked there, 11 years ago. the same general manager, when, when i turned in my 2 week notice, stating that i was leaving to go to school, he said i'd be back and begging for my job back in 3 months. *thinks* actually, in retrospect, it was quite a bit of fun going back and pointing and laughing at him, one decade later, after being such a dickhead. it would have been even funnier, though, if i was employed at a great workplace. but it was still fun.
- we drove around the mall where i used to skip school and go hang out at all day, where mom taught us to steal our school clothes from montgomery ward, where i stole all my hair dye for my funky teenage hair, where i spent all my paychecks from wendy's at a tape store.
- we drove to my old high school, Natural Alternative High (which is now some sort of learning center)... i sat on the steps where i used to sell crack for my mother during breaks between classes (i got a cut). teachers never suspected, cuz i was everyone's teachers pet and a great student.
- we drove to the 3 houses we lived in during the 5 or 6 years we (i) lived there.
- we drove by his friends house that he grew up with and gave their mother flowers for mommy's day.
- we drove by the places where we lost our virginity (me? father's day, 1990. i was fifteen.)
- we stopped and had a beer at mom's old stomping ground, The Oregon Way.
- we drove by my old best friend's dad's house, where many a skipped day from school was spent, many a gallon of liquor consumed by minors (without daddy knowing), where i ALMOST lost my virginity. she's now married with two kids, but her dad's new dog chased my jeep down the street, barking.
- we bought mom's mommy's day present (bottle of wine) from the 20th avenue grocery store, where we would walk down and try to spend JUST over a dollar so that mom could get change from her food stamps to buy cigarettes.
- we drove up Commerce Ave, which once held the music store where i got my bass guitar when i was 16, the formal wear place where my friends and i would go and pretend we were going to a wedding so we could try on all the bride's maids dresses, a pet store with a mean monkey that almost took my brother's face off when we were little, and that i was deathly allergic to, and yet another cd store where i spent my hard earned cash. and don't forget Niki's $10 fashions, where i got all my gypsy looking clothing so that i could dress as my favorite hair band at the time, faster pussycat.

boy, things change.

thank GOD.

and happy birthday, chappell!!! hope it's your best year ever!!

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