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party woes...

ever.. have ya ever gone to a party... one second, you're partying like it's 1999, the next...

... you wake up on their couch, drunks passed out all around you, and the first coherent thought is..



oh. my. gawd.
i was such a fucking IDIOT last night.

and on your drive home at about 730 am, you're trying to sort out exactly what you did and wonder if anyone noticed your freakish behavior, as you fight off bout after bout of nausea from the hangover that is suddenly causing the sunshine to be comprised of needles?

and try to plot exactly where in the country you can move where they will never know you and what a drunken sot imbecile you were on the night of may 31st, 2003?


all i can say is this:

to anyone that was at raygunzero's 21st birthday party last night:

i'm sorry i was as drunk as i was.
i'm sorry for pissing anyone off.
i promise it won't happen again.

i haven't been that drunk since... well.. i think it ties with most parties i had when i was a teen, and the night on one of the halloween cruises i was on, where i was soooo drunk that i couldn't move from the sitting on the toilet in a random bathroom somewhere on the promenade deck, and threw up repeatedly in the ashtray while waiting for my elevator.

i'm sorry for partying like i was 18 and not 28.
i'm sorry for anything i did.
if i had the night to do over, i would SOOO change almost everything.

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