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so... it's 94 degrees today, and you know what THAT means...

... everyone here is convinced Earth is on fire.

meanwhile, in watching the weather channel, comment "hm. only 103 in phoenix today? huh. bet they're lovin THAT."

it's also 94 degrees and only 13% humidity, which is unheard of here, and which also reminds me greatly of home.

so. 330 am, and my brother calls me.. "aubrey? can you come pick me up?!? i wanna go home."

my response? "fuck no. it's 330 am, it's a long ass drive, and i KNOW that by the time i get dressed and get down there, you will be a drooling mess on the couch, and i won't be able to wake you up. so stay there."

nectarines are good. i just got done slurping one down (it was quite juicy) and now sit here with the remnants of peachy goodness in my fingertips. *snorts fingers* mmmm, that's good. wanna smell my finger? *grin*

why are kittens soooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuute, and stare at you with kitteny curiosity and look like they're just beeegging to be picked up and looooved (something that cute can't go without some good luvin, yo.), but the second you pick them up, they turn into little blender squirmy worms, flopping all over the place until you set them back down?

i started.. *ahem* or, should i say, "aunt redna came for her monthly visit, and brought aunt flo."? fortunately *knocks on skull* they left their little ice picks and other impliments of torture at home, so i have been MOSTLY cramp free. why can't the aunts and my uterus JUST GET ALONG?!?

also *knocks on noggin again* no horrendous backlash from the party the other night yet, in fact, i've actually MADE friends?!? on lj? that were there?!?


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Jun. 16th, 2003 05:41 pm (UTC)

that's something i'm certainly not looking forward to: a true winter, or something much more closer to a real winter than i've had in almost a decade!
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